Vent Door System

Demmax has the ability to design controls to operate your mine door package.

VDS doors are designed to cancel the effects of static pressure by the “opposing door panel” design. Making the pressure on the door system equal out and significantly reduces potential stored energy concerns. Allows traffic into neutral airways where a permanent stopping is impossible to construct.

VDS Door Structural:

  • Frame posts & frame lintel
  • Door panel
  • Adjustable hinge pins
  • Connecting bar
  • Access man door

VDS Actuation:

  • Electro-Hydraulic Operation
  • Manual Override
  • PLC Control (optional)

VDS Types & Sizes:

  • Judith Susan Doors – Z Swing 4.0M wide x 4.5M high (opening sizes)
  • Max Christian Doors – Z Swing 4.8M wide x 5.0M high (opening sizes)

Demmax will arrange for doors to be designed, tested and have complete schematics and installation instructions prepared for the customer.